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If you have not visited Torremolinos yet, we give you reasons to come and discover all the charms of our city. Gastronomy, good weather, its cultural and leisure offer, excellent communications with the airport and the capital, the fundamental role of its people, as it is a family-friendly and cosmopolitan destination. There are many reasons to come and we are sure that any of them will make you fall in love with our city.


Come when you would like, just in case, don't forget to pack your bikini or swimsuit in your suitcase because in Torremolinos you will enjoy a perfect climate and average temperature. With an average of 18.5 degrees and 325 days of sunshine a year, you can enjoy a relaxing walk along the Mediterranean shore almost any day of the year. There are those who even take advantage of the winter to take a bath.


Here you can taste the culinary delicacies of many countries. There is a wide variety of Indian, Italian and Japanese restaurants, to try and taste flavors of other countries. But if you come to Torremolinos, you must try our delicious skewers, because it was in our city where they originated. Don't you know what a skewer is? A way to cook grilled fish in a boat by the sea, where the flavor of sardines or any fish is especially enhanced. In addition, Torremolinos is the cradle of fried fish, try the best fish in the Bay at any of the beach bars that you will find on the beach.


Torremolinos has 7 kilometers of coastline divided into 4 main beaches, all of them classified with the Q for quality, which accredits them as well-cared for both environmentally and infrastructures. Between La Carihuela Beach and Bajondillo Beach, the natural monument of El Morro will make the difference perfectly. At La Carihuela Beach you will find a multitude of water leisure areas and Bajondillo a perfect urban beach, the closest to the city center.



Communication and transportation

One of the most important reasons for coming to Torremolinos is that it has an excellent transport network that will connect you to Malaga airport or the María Zambrano train station in a few minutes, thanks to the commuter train. Up to five stops you have at your disposal in Torremolinos of the train that will also take you in a few minutes to the center of Malaga.

The connection through buses and other forms of transport with other white towns on the Costa del Sol is also ideal, so staying and visiting Torremolinos can be a great idea if, in addition to our city, you want to take a tour of the Costa del Sol. Sun.

Leisure and culture

In recent years, Torremolinos has become one of the cities with the best cultural and leisure offer. To the major events that make up the festive agenda throughout the year such as Carnival, the Rockin 'Race Jamboree Festival, Easter, Foreign Resident's Day, the Tapa Route, the Rock Route, the Pride, the procession From the Virgen del Carmen, the San Miguel Fair and Pilgrimage, Diwali or Christmas, there is a wide cultural and leisure offer, which takes place throughout the year with concerts, exhibitions and workshops and activities for the little ones.

Family friendly destination

And along with its cosmopolitan and open character, Torremolinos also stands out for being one of the family-friendly Andalusian destinations, where the whole family has a great time. With a multitude of activities for everyone to enjoy and having the great epicenter in the Battery Park, one of the corners that you have to visit if you come with children.

Along with it, a multitude of other attractions that make Torremolinos a perfect city to come with the little ones of the house. Water parks, crocodile adventures, golf, beach, musical and cultural activities.

Discover everything Torremolinos has for you if you come as a family.




Plaza del Remo.
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Square of the Autonomous Communities.
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